Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat

In Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog, Splat, young Bernie Dingledorf, his dog, and two best friends, must put their faith in his father’s words: "God doesn’t make junk." Using quirky inventions from a spy backpack, they are the only ones who can save the world by facing bullies, thwarting circus clowns and destroying Dr. Chuckles evil laugh generator. Based on the children’s book series, Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog, Splat is a funny, inspirational movie full of family friendly values.

Written by Bill Myers (co-creator of McGee and Me, writer/director for Adventures in Odyssey and winner of the C.S. Lewis Honor Award), Secret Agent Dingledorf and His trusty Dog, Splat stars actors Paul Johansson (One Tree Hill, Mad Men, Van Helsing) Jason Dolley (Good Luck Charlie, American Housewife, Cory in the House) Ryan O’Quinn (Believe, Easy Money, Betrayed), Zackary Arthur (Grey’s Anatomy, Chucky, Kidding), and is directed by Billy Dickson (Believe).

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